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BidSlammer is a free Auction Sniper! Since 2001, thousands of users have relied on BidSlammer as their eBay auction sniper to win for less. To date, BidSlammer has successfully sniped tens of millions of auctions on eBay. Sign up now for BidSlammer's eBay sniper! It's the perfect eBay auction software!

BidSlammer is an eBay bid placement service. We allow you to secretly arrange a bid for an eBay auction up to 1 second before closing. (No other snipe service offers this setting.) BidSlammer will place the bid precisely at five seconds before the auction closes. You avoid overpaying in bidding wars and won't ever lose an auction because you forgot to go in and manually place the bid at the last minute. You don't even have to be online.

An auction sniper takes away the frustration of bidding wars and frees you from having to remember to go in and bid at the last second manually.

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Our goal is not just to help you win more often, but to save money and win better stuff:

Sniping saves you hassle and money.

Any eBay power buyer will tell you the only way to guarantee a win is to be there at the last second, to hide your interest and avoid emotional price escalation by you and other bidders.

Extremely accurate.

We are "fail-safe." We place 2-3 snipes simultaneously from 2-3 locations. This is how we guarantee the highest degree of accuracy in the eBay auction sniping business.