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I agree it defeats the purpose if you don't posts dates. I hate it when people post blog articles and don't show the date, that's an instant close. Offhand, I see you guys publish your dates but it's a bit small ;-)
tardybid | Aug 24 12:00AM

Someone report them to ;-)
chevytrader | Aug 22 10:11AM

I have a reset-password email from BidSlammer from 2006 and it has no plain text passwords. I posted it in the forum.
shanti77 | Aug 21 10:17AM

The first thing I looked for in the posts was the date of the offending email--- but they don't post the date. A site that reports on credibility isn't much help without ... credibility. lol.
hansnfranz | Aug 20 08:27AM

confirmed - I verified my old ones are legit (no passwords).
instabidz | Aug 19 05:29PM

All my password reset emails from BidSlammer in my gmail do not have any plain text stuff in them.
scoutly7 | Aug 19 09:10AM

i looked them up, they are run out of Israel. You gotta love these overseas websites trying to wreak havoc on USA websites just for the sake of getting pages and/or traffic.
jimbo23 | Aug 19 03:35AM

ditto. BidSlammer has never used plain text passwords. this was the first thing i checked on when i joined the site actually.
jkendall17 | Aug 18 07:43PM

New Feature: Integrated Search

We have added a new integrated search feature. This new feature allows you to perform a search on eBay --- and even add a snipe --- without even having to leave our site.

About the New Search Feature

You will see two new tabs: "Search" and "My Searches." If you click the Search tab, you will see an input box asking you to search. The results are show in a box format, and as you can see from this picture, you can also add a snipe directly from the search results:

After performing a search, you get a prompt asking you to add the search to Saved Searches. That way you don't have to keep re-entering the values.

Search Alerts are Back, Too

We have also re-activated the Auction Tribune service, which emails the results in your email box each morning. You can add a snipe directly from the email. We will perform the search automatically for you each morning around 6:00 am PST, and have the results ready in your Inbox each morning.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

- Your Friends at BidSlammer

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