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Thank you!
Bodyc | May 23 09:57AM

Hi, thanks for the information.
scoorie | May 24 10:17AM

hey this is way better than eBay's notification service... thanks for making it free.
KeHoeff | May 28 03:37PM

i just want to say "great job"... thx!
srdha | May 29 02:57AM

I wanted to contact you guys about being charged for some snipes for auctions I did not win, but that are showing as won within bidslammer (eg: item #320369794768). I went to the forum to try and contact you, but it does not work for me on Internet Explorer. I'm quite happy with this service and have been using it for years now.
craigbolland | Jun 03 03:57AM

I agree, rather helpful sniping tips.
kristinavoj | Jun 04 09:33PM

It's about time someone made something like this, thanks for the help.
Tania | Jun 05 02:33AM

Hi, thanks for the useful and interesting info.
Ordidadedsids | Jun 05 06:37AM

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