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Thank you!
Bodyc | May 23 09:57AM

Hi, thanks for the information.
scoorie | May 24 10:17AM

hey this is way better than eBay's notification service... thanks for making it free.
KeHoeff | May 28 03:37PM

i just want to say "great job"... thx!
srdha | May 29 02:57AM

Hi, a good read, well-researched, lots of useful bidding info, thanks very much.
bidcheeper | Jun 07 12:26AM

I want to find good pop music. Help me please.
Kalebarkab | Jun 10 01:43AM

I agree, rather helpful sniping tips.
kristinavoj | Jun 04 09:33PM

It's about time someone made something like this, thanks for the help.
Tania | Jun 05 02:33AM

A Minor Facelift

As you can see, we gave a slight facelift to our site with the help of the ever-popular style sheets available free from Twitter. We have done this to prep for growth for some new features we will be releasing very soon! We kept most of our old look, but we did change how we display, update, and refresh your snipes.

10X Site Speedup - Probably the most significant of these changes is that the site is much faster, as things are all done in parallel now. Customers with hundreds of snipes will really notice a difference. No more waiting 2 minutes for all your items to refresh! Try it! (Items for paid subscribers will still update 2x daily as always.) You are limited to refreshing your listings no more than once every two minutes.

Here are some of the other changes:

We hope you enjoy this new layout. Please feel free to post any questions, problems, or enhancement requests here. Make sure to ask now while this is all still fresh! ;=)

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