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How to use the Slam-It! Toolbar

The Slam-It! toolbar was designed to allow you to add bids as fast as you can surf eBay. It works extremely well with the Internet Explorer browser as well as the Mac OS X browser, Safari!

Just drag it up to your toolbar and click it once you find an item you like on eBay.

  1. (IE only:) Right-click in your menu bar to enable your Links toolbar. (Detailed instructions below.)

  2. From your snipe main page, drag and drop the Slam-it icon to your browser's menu bar at the top.

  3. It will warn you if it is safe.  Answer YES, since it is.

  4. While surfing eBay, just click the Slam-It! icon.

Enabling your Links toolbar (applicable to Internet Explorer only):

  1. Right-click up in your Internet explorer toolbar, and a tiny sub-menu should pop up.

  2. In this sub-menu, there is a list of items, and one of the items is Links. Make sure there is a checkmark next to the word "Links."

  3. We do not advertise the Slam-It to work for all browsers and situations. In theory, it should work perfectly with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater.