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What are Bid Groups, and How Do They Save Me Money?

By default snipes will not be placed in a group: They will be Ungrouped...

Bid Groups let you group similar auctions together — and win only one eBay snipe per group. Each group will execute only one eBay snipe. Once you win an eBay snipe in group BidSlammer will cancel bidding for the remaining snipes in that group. This allows you to spread multiple bids around for common snipes -- and get the best price!

Regular snipes - Example

Ungrouped auctions do not depend on each other. They will always execute.

lose win lose win win lose win win lose

GROUPED snipes - Example

Grouped auctions will "shut off" once you have won one auction in the group.  You will win only ONE auction per group.

lose lose lose lose lose win stop stop stop


You must ensure that grouped snipes end at least 3 minutes from each other or the system might try to win both.  Our software tries to prevent you from grouping auctions that end together.

If you don't want to use groups, choose the default, which is no group. No-color (white) snipes have no association with each other -- they are won independently.